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Functional Frenuloplasty in Danville, CA

This procedure is typically done for older children (3+years) who have a "posterior tongue-tie", or submucosal tongue restriction. A functional frenuloplasty is different from a simple frenectomy as it releases deeper tissues and it involves placing sutures to help the wound heal better and prevent scarring. Posterior tongue ties may lead to issues such as delayed speech, difficulty with chewing/swallowing, choking on food, mouth-breathing and sleep-disordered breathing. Dr. Ozzie highly recommends myofunctional therapy in conjunction with this procedure for a successful long-term outcome of tongue function and position.

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Diagnosing Through Function

Diagnosing a posterior tongue tie can be quite tricky. It takes having a sharp understanding of oral motor function, which is not something most medical doctors and dentists learn in their formal education. Dr. Ozzie has taken the initiative to expand her knowledge and understanding on oral motor function through numerous hours of continuing education from expert ENT Dr. Zaghi, of the Breathe Institute and other industry leaders. Her philosophy is to take the conservative approach by using therapeutic progress as a way to assess the need for a tongue tie release.

Did you know…

A Hidden Problem

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Children should be silent and still when they sleep. Snoring, mouth breathing, and grinding are all signs of sleep disordered breathing.

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Myomunchee Certified Provider

Dr. Ozzie is a certified provider of the Myomunchee, an innovative oral appliance designed to improve dental health and facial development. As a Myomunchee-certified professional, Dr. Ozzie possesses a deep understanding of the principles behind this unique tool and its benefits in promoting proper jaw alignment, enhancing muscle function, and encouraging healthy breathing habits.

Myobrace Provider

The Myobrace system focuses on addressing the underlying causes of crooked teeth, often without the need for braces or extraction. By incorporating Myobrace into her practice, Dr. Ozzie empowers patients, especially children, to develop healthier oral habits, leading to natural teeth alignment and improved oral health over time.

Releasing Tension

A functional frenuloplasty requires releasing bands of tension beneath the tongue as your child performs oral motor exercises. You can't always see them, so you have to feel them! Exercises in advance help to delineate the restrictive tissue.


Once the release is complete, Dr. Ozzie will place resorbable sutures to close up the wound. These will self-dissolve between day 2-5. No need to have the stitches removed! Worried your child can't handle it? Don't worry! Dr. Ozzie is a compassionate, board-certified pediatric dentist who can make your little one feel at ease. If they need a little more to take the edge off, Dr. Ozzie is licensed to administer nitrous oxide, oral conscious sedation, and works with her incredible anesthesiologist, to provide in-office deep sedation.

The Benefits of a Functional Frenuloplasty

Allows For Proper Breathing & Swallowing

Removing the restricted tissue under the tongue allows for the tongue to move up into it's 'parking spot' in the palate, which is essential for nasal breathing and a proper swallow.  

Enhances Your Whole Health

The risk of issues such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and memory problems can all significantly decrease with a properly functioning airway system, thanks to myofunctional therapy.

Can Improve Facial Aesthetics

By learning to properly close your lips and teeth with your tongue resting against the top of your mouth, your appearance and posture will begin to change into optimal alignment.

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Functional Consultation


First, you or your child will have a consultation with our myofunctional therapist. After taking a look at the tongue, mouth, and airway areas, the dentist will determine if your child may benefit from myofunctional therapy treatment with potential release.

Provide Exercises

Next, the myofunctional therapist will provide you or your child with a variety of exercises to train the tongue, lips, and mouth. These will help realign the facial features, and over time, the mouth will strengthen and adopt this new and improved condition.

Follow Up

To adopt new habits and see long-lasting results, it’s important to continue the exercises recommended by your myofunctional therapist. You’ll stop by our office to ensure that you or your child are keeping up with exercises and developing on track.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out these frequently asked questions, or call us to speak with our team.

What is a pediatric functional frenuloplasty?

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A functional frenuloplasty is a surgical procedure performed to release or lengthen the frenulum, the small fold of tissue that connects the tongue to the floor of the mouth, in order to improve tongue mobility and function.

Why might a child need a functional frenuloplasty?

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Children may need a functional frenuloplasty if they have a condition known as tongue tie (ankyloglossia), where the frenulum is abnormally short or tight, restricting the movement of the tongue and potentially interfering with feeding, speech, or other oral functions.

At what age is it typically performed?

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Pediatric functional frenuloplasty is often performed in early childhood, and beyond. Whereas a frenectomy is done without any sutures placed, a functional frenuloplasty involves dissolvable sutures being placed to allow for the best healing possible. This process involves more cooperation, hence the reason we don’t put stitches when doing a babies release.

What are the benefits of a functional frenuloplasty for children?

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The benefits include improved feeding, better oral hygiene, enhanced speech development, and reduced likelihood of dental issues or other complications associated with tongue tie.

Is the process painful for the child?

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The procedure itself is typically performed with local anesthesia (think about when you get numb for a filling), so the child should not experience any discomfort once numbed.  We do anticipate soreness after the procedure, as you would with any wound, but it usually managed with over-the-counter pain medication, Tylenol and Ibuprofen.

What is the recovery process like?

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Between day 2-5 the sutures will dissolve on their own. Soft, cold foods are recommended, along with pain medication noted above. Myofunctional therapy is critical to getting optimal outcome after the procedure. The therapist will let you know when to begin stretches, which is usually day 3-4 post surgery.

Functional Frenuloplasty

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